Why Rent Through Cintra Estates?

We have always strived to ensure that our tenants are treated fairly and respectfully. It is commonly perceived that tenants can often suffer unfair treatment at the hands of some private landlords and unscrupulous letting agents.

The internet is littered with bad reviews of letting agents most of which are from disgruntled tenants. The most common complaints are failing to properly deal with maintenance issues and taking unreasonable deductions from security deposits at the end of tenancies.

Since the company was formed we have grown our business based on our excellent reputation. Our reputation is built on integrity and decency and we ensure we treat our clients and tenants with the utmost respect.

We will always aim to resolve maintenance issues as quickly as possible, make sure our properties are cleaned and well presented and ensure that no tenants are held liable for damages or dilapidations unless it is fair and reasonable to do so.

If you have any problems whilst renting a property with us please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a dedicated maintenance team who will help with any problems you may have with your property or its equipment and our accounts team are always on hand to discuss any rental payment issues.

For further information from Cintra Estates call us on 01189 311 211 or email us at enquiries@cintraestates.com




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